Prostate Cancer

Mr Thyer Outcomes for Prostate Cancer Surgery

da Vinci Prostatectomy is associated with reduced positive surgical margins, reduced length of stay, reduced surgical complications and faster return to potency and continence.

Download a collection of published results  da Vinci Surgery Evidence (PDF)

Below is listed Mr Thyer's surgical results.

Radical Prostatectomy outcomes 2015-2022 Thyer Western Australia
<b>Number of cases</b> <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">575</span> 5721
<i>Mr Thyer’s surgical margin rates are better than the WA averages</i> &nbsp;
<b>Positive surgical margin %</b>
pT2 <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">5.06%</span> 10.89%
pT3 <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">18.60%</span> 27.71%
<b>Urinary Continence Outcomes</b>
<i>Continence is defined as being continent of urine, not using a continence pad or using a small ‘just in case’ liner (tena men’s shield). 100% of our patients aged under 60 years of age are continent at 12 months post op.</i>
3 months <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">84%</span>
12 months <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">93%</span>
<b>Erectile Function Outcomes</b>
<i>Erectile function is defined as having an erection which is adequately hard enough for use with no intervention, or with a tablet such as Viagra. Post prostatectomy you will be offered a penile rehabilitation plan which is important while you wait for your nerves to recover. Recovery of erections can take up to 2 years.</i>
<b>Full Bilateral Nerve Sparing</b>
3 months <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">63%</span>
12 months <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">84%</span>
<b>Unilateral Nerve Sparing</b>
3 months <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">25%</span>
12 months <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">49%</span>
<b>Incremental Nerve Sparing</b>
3 months <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">14%</span>
12 months <span style="color:#3b7d9c;">35%</span>
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These statistics are inclusive of our patients aged from 41-80. Outcomes vary based on individual factors such as your age, any pre-existing bladder problems, baseline erectile function, your general health and your weight as well as factors specific to your prostate cancer.

If you would like to know more details about age specific outcomes, please get in touch with us.

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